Building Site Cleaning

We are actively offering professional building site cleaning services to the construction industry. We are more than happy to assist in your daily, weekly or monthly clean but are also can consider a one off construction site cleaning solution.

This could be a yearly spring clean or deep cleanse which would revitalise and cleanse your working environment.

Cleaning and clearing of building site areas is also extremely good for contributing towards the effort of promoting health and safety and a clear area to work in, we are always interested in helping to assist in making any area less hazardous to operate in and perform in any place of work.

Currently Express Cleaning Services are also able to offer floor polishing services which can usually be done in work hours but just as easily out of hours as well.

We have a flexible approach and realise that 9-5 is not suitable for everyone so we are open to working out of hours or weekends when staff are less likely to be in the vicinity, we find this promotes efficiency and safety and suits a large proportion of our current client base.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any requirements you may have or arrange your free no obligation cleaning quotation site visit.

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