Communal Cleaning Service

Express Cleaning Services are passionate about working with Landlord committees, Property Factoring companies, Housing associations and indeed any client who has a communal area that needs any cleaning or maintenance solution to be arranged, we are also more than happy to arrange one off cleans or a contracted visit arrangement at any frequency that suits your situation perfectly.

We can also tailor other services to the cleaning, a few examples are detailed below

  • Bin room – tidying/cleaning
  • Bin emptying – (we will ensure any bins are put out and emptied and returned to their correct storage area.
  • Waste Disposal – Any items or rubbish that has been discarded in the bin room will be removed and recycled or disposed of professionally and properly.
  • Bin Cleaning – We can wipe or wash any bins that have become dirty or smell which helps to keep the bin room in better condition and easier for tenants to use.

We are always on the look out for other suggestions or recommendations of services that make our customers life easier or adds efficiencies to the building they have been selected to maintain and manage, so please do not hesitate to mention any potential issues you need taken care of and we will always see if we can find a way to help.

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