Domestic Cleaning Service

Express Cleaning Services offer Domestic Cleaning to anybody in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire and in some situations we would be happy to work further away from these regions.

We can also offer any of the following services if this is needed.

  • General Weekly Clean
  • Yearly Deep Cleanse
  • Appliance Cleaning (i.e. Ovens, Hobs, Fridge Freezers etc)
  • Carpet Cleaning (Whole rooms or spot stain cleaning)
  • Pet hair Removal/Cleaning
  • Replacement of Shower curtains/Toilet seats
  • Light bulb replacement
  • Waste Disposal (SEPA Registered)
  • Leaf Clearing
  • Power washing Slabs/Drive ways

Our approach will always be flexible, and we can work with you to arrange a plan to clean your housing or other connected areas in the most workable way possible, this will also be conducted in a safe and considerate manner by our friendly and efficient cleaning team.

We can also discuss a tailored package deal which includes some or all of the above services listed, which would generally work out as more cost efficient for your needs.

Please feel free to use the booking form on our website to arrange for a free no obligation quotation or to order any of these services, you can also call or message us on any of our social media pages.

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