Upholstery Cleaning Service

Express Cleaning Services specialise in restoring upholstery to its former glory. We use the best cleaning products on the market to ensure you get the best results.

Over time, upholstery can become dirty. It can begin to look worn out due to the volume of dirt within the fibres. Express Cleaning Services will give your upholstery a full detox, ensuring all built up dirt is removed prior to cleaning. We will do our utmost to bring your upholstery back to life. 

Our upholstery cleaning services are suitable for:

  • Sofas
  • Mattresses
  • Curtains

Express Cleaning Services are aware that some stains will just not clean, these include coffee, tea, anything with dyes or colouring in it i.e. curry, fuzzy drinks etc. If you are unsure if your upholstery can be cleaned, please feel free to just call us. We will do our utmost to advise and help you.

Our workforce are conscientious, considerate, punctual and reliable and work with a fair and honest approach.

We believe our rates to be exceedingly competitive, are willing to work out of hours for you (if required), and we are fully insured.

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